The cycle, she is complete.

Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod – the 5 gallon tank portion of my aquaponics system has finished cycling!  This was my first attempt at fishless cycling and I’m so thrilled with the results – especially the part about not having to unnecessarily stress a bunch of poor finned friends.   Tomorrow, there will be fish!!!

New Aquatic Plants in my Aquaponic System!

It’s been ages since I geeked out at my local fish store – mostly because of the limited space I have in my home – but heading in to find a few plants for the 5 gallon that’s powering my spinach grow bed was serious fun.  While traditional large scale aquaponic systems don’t have plants in the fish tank since they use up some of the bioload needed to feed the grow bed, I undersized my grow bed to accommodate the extra plants I wanted.  I mean, after all, I get to make it whatever I want!  I have the tank lit solely by a nearby window, so I knew I needed to go with low light plants.  So two days ago I introduced an anubias nana and a banana plant into the 5 gallon and they are fan-freaking-tastic.  Not only are they interesting to watch as they grow, but they’re also helping to speed up the last few days of tank cycling.  Science!  Amazing!

coffee table 002

Riparium, anyone?

While I’m waiting for my aquaponics system to finish cycling, I’m dreaming up my next project.  I’m thinking I’ll give building a riparium with a resident betta!  I just relocated a large arrowhead plant from my living room to my work room,  so there’s a delightful little table space next to a window that just opened up…

The Low Down

This it it.  A blog to share my true confessions of plant and aquarium obsession.  It also a place for me to share my projects and hopefully help someone else find the info they’re looking for to help along their own projects.  DIY for life!!!