Such cloudy, cloudy water

Oh riparium, why do you vex me so?  I mineralized the soil for 5 days, sifted it, mixed it with clay, and then left it in the bottom of the tank for a day to sit before planting a red tiger lotus, a java fern, and three corkscrew valances, then added a well rinsed flora max cap, and water (slowly and along the glass wall!).  And the result?   The plants all uprooted themselves and the water is super cloudy,  even after a water change.  I’m not deterred, and have no doubt all will work out in a a few days, but I firmly believe in sharing the bad with the good.  Cloudy water, I hate you!!!  The horror….the horror…

all the things 037


The Riparium Takes Shape

So I’m completely infatuated with my new project of building a riparium in a 5 gallon Fluval Chi.  I’ve taken off the stock filter/light/fountain combo and stripped it down to the bare tank.  Much better.  During the last few days I’ve been mineralizing the soil for the tank since I’m going full Walstad natural planted tank on this bad boy.  One more day of soil prep and I’m off to start the planting!!!!

Day 2 of soil mineralizing.  It’s much prettier in person.  Trust me.  Black flippin’ gold.

soil mineralization 016

The cycle, she is complete.

Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod – the 5 gallon tank portion of my aquaponics system has finished cycling!  This was my first attempt at fishless cycling and I’m so thrilled with the results – especially the part about not having to unnecessarily stress a bunch of poor finned friends.   Tomorrow, there will be fish!!!