I grow citrus from grocery store fruit. You should too.

Every new year’s day I start a bunch of plants either from cutting or seed so I can give them away to friends and this year I decided to try growing lemon and lime seedlings from fruit I bought at the grocery store.  The seedlings were a hit with friends and I had more interest than I had plants to share, so I decided to share the process so that everyone can grow their own.  Give it a shot!

Growing citrus from seed

I’m back! And pollinating amaryllis flowers.

I’m not dead and I definitely haven’t stopped plant antics.  I’ve just been posted about them on facebook and instagram instead of here.  But sharing large projects through social media has its limitations and enough people have asked for step by step instructions on a few things I’ve been up to that I’m back here to share.  First up to share – amaryllis pollination!  It’s a four month process from pollination to germination so it’s not for everyone, but it’s really fun.  Here are the steps:

Amaryllis Pollination